Exterior Lighting & Maintenance
Properly maintained, well-illuminated exteriors create safe, secure environments which attract business and increase the value of properties. EnviroLight has several maintenance programs to fit every budget including night audits. Read More>>

Interior Lighting & Maintenance
Changing an interior light bulb may seem easy, but it takes an average of 30 minutes for one bulb change, not to mention interruption to work flow and stocking of bulbs. With EnviroLight’s Interior Inspection Program and Service on Demand, you can focus on business while we take care of the rest. Read More>>

Energy Rebates & Programs
Our lighting technicians can show you how to save energy and money without sacrificing good lighting. We will assist you in taking advantage of various utility company rebate programs and tax incentives. Read More>>

Electrical Services
EnviroLight provides 24/7 troubleshooting for electrical services. For emergency issues, no one knows your site and your business better than us. Our response team will fix your electrical issues, promptly, with minimal disruption to your business. Read More>>

Sign Repairs
A poorly lit sign directly affects your business and your image. EnviroLight crews are on call to troubleshoot and repair signage issues, keeping your signs clean and bright. Read More>>

Emergency Lighting & Safety Plans
Emergency and life safety systems are not just a matter of code, they are a matter of life. EnviroLight offers a free Emergency & Safety Audit. Our technicians are ready to test, repair and install emergency lighting before an emergency occurs. Read More>>

Retrofitting utilizes existing systems to take advantage of new lighting technologies which results in reduced operating costs, often as much as 50%, and sometimes at no out-of-pocket cost to you. EnviroLight can evaluate your potential savings and utility incentives. Read More>>

Group Relamping Programs
Group Relamping is a strategic plan of replacing all lamps and/or ballasts at the same time. There are many benefits to group relamping. These benefits include: Read More>>

Property Protection
If you are looking to increase safety and protect your property, from motion detectors to bird barriers, EnviroLight offers solutions to fit your budget.
Read More>>